The purpose of the Arte-em-Cores project is to bring the creative and transformative power of the multiple languages of urban art to the reality of young talented artists who are already acclaimed in fifteen cities in the states of Pará and Maranhão. With this in mind, a number of local artists participated in a selection process, after which they were requested to create panels and paintings using techniques such as graphite, stencil and collage. In the course of the project, money prizes totaling R$ 75,000 were awarded.

Galeria Arte em Cores

Galeria Rio Tocantins

Galeria Rio Araguaia

Painel Alto Alegre do Pindaré

Painel Marabá Pioneira

Galeria Encontro das Águas

Sala Rio Gurupi

Painel Marabá

Painel Açailândia