Carlos Zébra
Carlos Zébra

Title: Iniciação
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 0,90 x 1,83 x 0,015m.

Born in Santa Inês (MA) and resident in Alto Alegre do Pindaré (MA), Carlos is a self-taught artist from Maranhão, who has been exploring different art languages for over 30 years, ranging from serigraphy to oil painting on canvas. He currently works as a graphic designer and holds the position of Secretary of Culture in the city.

Although he has been away from art for a few years, he saw in the Arte-em-Cores project an opportunity to take up his artistic production again. And that´s how his painting Iniciação (Initiation) shown here was born, whose title celebrates his arrival in the world of urban arts, a world so new and unknown to the artist despite his long experience in other art languages.