Cleyton Ferreira Santos
Cleyton Ferreira Santos
( Cleyton Ferreira Santos ) ALTO ALEGRE DO PINDARÉ - MARANHÃO

Title: Mandela
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 1,83 x 0,90 x 0,015m.

Born in Alto Alegre do Pindaré (MA), where he has always lived, Cleyton is a self-taught artist who works as a civil servant. Looking for new references, which have become more accessible with the internet, the Arte-em-Cores project gave him the opportunity to participate for the first time in a selection process and in a group exhibition. Passionate about realistic drawing techniques, he has art as a side job and produces customized works.

In his panel shown here, he used mixed techniques in acrylic paint to portray a recurrent motif in his artworks, namely the strength and determination of women, and especially that of black women. He entitled his panel after Mandela, a world leader who is synonymous with the struggle to end racial inequality in the world.

Instagram: @cleyton_arts