Ellen de Kássia Sousa Ericeira
Ellen de Kássia Sousa Ericeira

Title: Justiça
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 0,90 x 1,83 x 0,015m.

Ellen is a natural artist resident in Arari (MA), whose paintings are based mainly on techniques of realistic drawing with graphite pencil. She is currently studying nutrition. Her interest in art comes from her childhood, when she would participate in selection processes involving free-of charge workshops in Mangá, which were supported by an agreement with the town. Subsequently, she took a free course in realistic drawing and has been producing since then her own as well as commissioned art works.

Justiça (Justice), her panel shown here, was her first large-format work, and also her first experience with painting and urban art techniques. She aims to reflect here on an issue that was hushed in the troubled year of 2020, namely the Mari Ferrer case, involving allegations of abuse, sexism and controversies in the conduct of the judicial process.

Instagram: @srt_kassy