Fabio Graf
Fabio Graf

Title: Canindé
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 1,83 x 0,90 x 0,015m.

The issues of identity and preservation of Afro-Brazilian and indigenous memory are recurring issues in the works of Fábio, who was born in Belém. Having worked as an employee at the State University of Pará, he commutes today between the capital and Marabá, in the southeast of the state, where he works on art and environmental education projects. He also creates his own and commissioned artworks and works as a tattoo artist. As a great-grandson of an Indian, he combines in his works references from the city outskirts with the traditions of the forest peoples who have always fascinated him.

In his panel Canindé shown here, he uses spray as base, to which he adds both matte acrylic and stencil, creating thus a cosmic and mystical background on which an Indian of the Xikrin tribe and a canindé macaw stand out. On his forehead, the young Indian boy has a natural feather, which was glued onto the panel.

Instagram: @fabiograf94