Walison Melo Teixeira
Walison Melo Teixeira

Title: Bioma
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 0,90 x 1,83 x 0,015m.

Born in Imperatriz (MA), Walison grew up in Açailândia (MA), where he now resides. He was still in his teens when he created his earliest artwoks, designing costumes for the traditional Brazilian June quadrille festivities. As an actor, he has been part of the stagecraft group Cordão de Teatro since 2012, and has performed in several capitals such as Fortaleza, Teresina and São Paulo. He is also a theater teacher at the NGO Center for the Defense of Life and Human Rights.

In his panel Bioma (Biome) shown here, he uses for the first time spray and acrylic paint on MDF. According to the artist, he was inspired by the Amazon environment, which he portrays here in a positive and lively tone, despite the large fires that have consumed the forest in 2020.