Carla Bianca

Title of artwork: Infância em Cores (Childhood in Colors)
Technique: brushes, spray paint, PVA paint, tubes
Year: 2022
Size: 1.90 x1.80 m

Carla is an artist who challenges herself in learning different artistic techniques and is always seeking to create innovative works. In building her career, her father served her as an inspiration and, since childhood, she has been watching him drawing. He became her biggest supporter and enabled her with the tools she needed to produce her works.
Carla is participating for the second time in Arte-em-Cores Project. In her works, she recurrently portrays elements from the children’s universe. For the first edition, she created the work “Homage to the Master”, in which she portrayed a child in a school environment being enlightened by the teacher’s knowledge. This year, the work “Childhood in Colors” brings soccer as a theme, a popular sport with children. While walking through the streets of Velha Marabá in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, she saw a group of boys playing soccer. Delighted with the scene, she decided to give it a new look so that people could share the joy of the children.

Instagram: @carlabian.k