Lucas Couto

Title of artwork: Bom Mesmo é Voar Por aí (There is Nothing like Flying Around)
Technique: acrylic, spray and matte
Year: 2022
Size: 5 x 3 m

Born in the backlands of Bahia and raised in the Amazon, Lucas’ main inspiration is the culture of the North and Northeast of Brazil. He discovered his passion for art very early in life. He has already lived in several cities in the Northeast and, whenever he can, he travels around in his van or on his motorcycle, producing art wherever he goes.
He graduated in engineering and worked for seven years in a multinational mining company, but art has always been his true passion. He then left his formal job and started painting, studying, and researching the places and cultures of the places he visits.
In the work “There is Nothing like Flying Around”, the artist portrays the diversity of origins of the people who live in Parauapebas, highlighting the great contribution of the population from the Northeast to the construction of the city. The cacti are a great symbol of the Northeast, and the bird represents the artist’s constant desire to travel and visit new sunny places.

Instagram: @rlucascouto