Vitória Cavalcante

Title of artwork: Crônicas de peixe, água e gente (Fish, Water and People Chronicles)
Technique: acrylic painting
Year: 2022
Size: 4.50 x 2.90 m

VitÓria Cavalcante was born in Alto Alegre do Pindaré (MA). She has been involved in the artistic world since childhood, influenced by her father who introduced her to the many facets of the visual arts and theater. Currently, she is enrolled in the licentiate course in visual arts at the Federal University of Maranhão. She works mainly with digital art, colored pencils and watercolor, but is always willing to learn new ways to express herself. She is passionate about simple shapes, bright and contrasting colors, and the aesthetics of comic books, cartoons and children’s book illustrations.
In the work “Fish, Water and People Chronicles”, the artist tried to portray the importance of the Pindaré River for the city of Alto Alegre do Pindaré. The whole region grew and flourished on the banks of the river, where commerce, transport and entertainment draw large flows of people. The location chosen for the work is also part of VitÓria’s inspiration, as the anglers were the target group she wanted to reach. The mural is on the city’s main road that leads to the river. The artist wants the anglers to pride themselves on their work, see themselves represented, and feel valued when they see her work.

Instagram: @vii.ilustra