Thaís Morais

Title of artwork: Olhar Atento (Attentive Look)
Technique: artistic wall painting with enamel paint
Year: 2022
Size: 2.10 x 2.30m

Thais spend her childhood drawing, painting and doodling. Her relationship with pencils and paints is one of love and familiarity. She enjoys drawing and always challenges herself to create works with beauty and meaning. She is constantly looking to learn new inspiring techniques such as realism and watercolor.
Believing in the transforming power that art can bring, she created the work “Attentive Look”, with the intention of providing an enriching experience for people who pass by the mural. Her goal is to make art admirers quickly realize that beauty in life lies in simplicity, and to make them feel good when looking at the painting.

Instagram: @this_morais