Rik Bentes
Rik Bentes

Title: Criança Estelar
Design technique: Mista sobre MDF. Year: 2020.
Size: 0,90 x 1,83 x 0,015m.

Born and residing in Marabá (PA), Rik is a self-taught artist who graduated in history. He works as a graphic designer and has a side job as an illustrator of textbooks and comic book producer for the DS Ilustra and Cosmotrama studios. This was his first participation in a public selection process and in an art show. As a teenager, he had a rock band, and since then music has had a strong influence on his visual creation.

In his panel Criança Estelar (Star Child) shown here, he used mixed techniques, and was inspired by the Lego pieces his son loves fitting together. According to him, the prevailing dark tones in the panel suggest the uncertainties of our times, while the colorful hues point to creativity and hope, revealing at the same time a link to elements in psych-rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, which is one of his favorites.

Instagram: @riquebentes