Title of artwork: Equilíbrio e Oxigênio do Mundo (Balance and Oxygen of the World)
Technique: mural, aerography and brush
Year: 2022
Size: 4.60 x 2.90 m

Jefferson Bosco is a born draughtsman. He was mentored and inspired by his father, João Bosco, who was also an artist. After developing his artistic talent, he learned new techniques besides drawing and started working with canvas painting, signs, and drawings on commercial facades. He also learned airbrushing techniques (drawings made with airbrush) and sculpture modeling. Currently, ha has taken up tattooing as a form of artistic expression.
The work “Balance and Oxygen of the World” was a new challenge for the artist, who painted a mural for the first time with a theme focused on the environment. His aim is to emphasize that humanity and environment are one unit, and preservation and respect for flora and fauna are key for the survival of the human species. The work is framed by graphics alluding to the Marajoara people, an indigenous ethnic group whose way of life is an example of integration and preservation of nature.

Instagram: @boscotattoo